The cherry fall and the Violet War

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The cherry fall

and the Violet War

Ahmed juma

 The cherry fall


To the tormented in love

The house of Dalal pimp resting on him the usual calm in such times of the day, the women are very strong with men coming from the bottom of the city in search of pleasure committed to advance dates do not receive them until after 2 pm and above, in order to comfort the daughters of fancy, who are even pleased Late at night, the house with its many colorful rooms and its top floor, which witnessed the wars of pleasure between men hungry for bodies and women seeking money and pleasure together, is the only place on the coastline known to the inhabitants of the area and avoid traffic around it, despite claims and protests Shy of the residents of the neighborhood to close the place or moved to another place, but under the protection of the British occupation forces, where he claimed some soldiers from his army reluctant to place some of them set up a semi-permanent relationship with a number of women living in the house.                  

Violet War

The War of Slave and Colonialism in the 18th Century With a new vision to be issued next January by Dar Al Farabi Beirut, an epic from the history of war, slavery, piracy and colonialism in the region since 1862 and its current image in Gulf relations and the Qatar-Turkey alliance, dating back to that dark period, Omani invasion of Bahrain.

The novel is located in 510 pages of medium size through a montage-based technique that begins with the spark of the 18th-century slavery war in the Arabian Gulf, which has engulfed the region and created a social, political and tribal rift.

The story deals with the rich and poor social classes that live the bottom of the city and the sea and land and the reflection of events on them through the social and political conflict tribal and colonial and the spread of magic and sorcery is reflected in several relationships with what happened through the events that have passed, especially the impact of the attempt to invade Bahrain by Turkey and Qatar then announced The British garrison is a state of emergency, while on the other bank is emotional relations, women hunting and trafficking.

 The period during which the conflict was born and developed in the middle of the 19th century, in which characters emerge from childhood to form the fabric of the next stage in which the bloody events took place.

The story dawns in the time of slavery between Bahrain and the rest of the Arab coast. The events begin with the outbreak of war and the slave trade, accompanied by demonstrations, protests and subsequent bloody repercussions associated with slavery, influence, tribal wars, pirates and the power struggle.

From the womb of wars and conflicts, new worlds are forcibly created, on the ruins of old worlds that fade away with the historical and controversial projection of the conflict in the Gulf region from the eighteenth century until the end of the 19th century and the current period of our lives. And the kidnapping and trafficking of human beings with the associated influence of pirates, rulers and colonists who went to sea to control the land, then the war of slavery and the kidnapping of human beings and the spread of magic and sorcery without the means of communication Social, and espionage, were the means of propagation when you are the worlds from which other worlds were born, with the usual developments of conflicts and wars with a vast legacy of magic and sorcery that extended to the sultans and pirates who had gathered in the crucible of slavery. This is the beginning of today’s world when war began Old Violet,

1868 “ 

British Yousra




What is the story of British Yousra?

A novel by Dar Al-Farabi in Beirut

To change the world by force and to make a difference in the universe was the fate with which it was linked and walked on a carpet of embers, mortal beings to come to life and death to death, chains of ambushes must be crossed to survive in the end, but what is the cost?

The story of Troy is a long journey to a difficult journey by the Arab girl who lived in the Zubayr region of Iraq, which has not been paved since the age of her fingernails, during which she passed the Iraqi-Iranian war and then the Gulf wars liberating Kuwait and overthrowing Saddam Hussein and then the fourth war with terrorism.

They passed through the various capitals from Zubayr in Basra to Iraq, through Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Dubai, Britain, Switzerland, Iraq and then Erbil in northern Iraq.

The torment began as a refugee in Britain and then took British citizenship to fight in a storm of millions poured into it to settle in the heart of the terrorist earthquake that she put in solitary confinement awaiting execution from the armed organization in which she was involved.

An arduous novel in 408 pages of medium size tells the story of a trip to a girl kidnapped by the world’s lure trap, money and nightlife and hotels and then wilderness, deserts and ruins to sit among the creatures that believe only in death path of self-liberation, through which the armed organizations and airports and work in hotels and accompanied by dangerous men Who are leading the change of the world by force, deception and traps .. How can they coexist with this network of uncontrolled violence and successive policies such as waves of the ocean?

[ From Zubayr to Aleppo to Bahrain and Dubai and even Britain and then Kurdistan, did you fall into the hands of Daash and went out? Or was there a draw to turn into a trap set by the intelligence? ]

” I knew that the red lines existed everywhere in this world, but she did not imagine that there was a throne of spears waiting to sit on it for days, carrying a mountain of feelings of panic, the next I heard of the revolutionary courts and military field fast, but did not imagine that there is gold From women, men and even children to the execution, at a moment of rare mental clarity, the specter of Najwa al-Qattan on the roof of the house published clothes washed on the rope, including the military uniform of Jabbar Al-Sharif, appeared to her cute little girl standing steps from the woman looking for uniforms, She was trapped in a cell crammed with ants and insects, topped by a wooden roof, all the time, causing constant coughing. She reached the place through a large tanker laden with materials Crossed the road blindfolded did not know the form of was accompanied by the tanker and no identity and number, except for the voice of a man who coughed from time to time “

The story of Yousra tells about the Jabbar al-Sharif of Crimea

The story deals with the development of the story of Yousra Zubayr woman of the origins and roots “Alnidp”: with the stages of transformation

Yousra the Scarlet

British Yousra

Yousra terrorist

And transit stations during the journey through the years of the embers from Zubayr to Aleppo to the Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish and Iraqi borders through Bahrain, Dubai and London

Section of the novel :

The dawn of dawn broke, and before the sun rose, the door opened, which almost covered her eyes after long hours of chronic insomnia. The crack of the wooden door broke. The dawn of the dawn, and the man’s feet touched the ground of the room. His face looked puffy, he looked at her and said, wondering .

 ” Have not you heard the dawn, as usual, covered in sleep like a dead woman? “

” What fun to repeat the word of death” appeared on her face Panic of the body of the standing man like a fetus does not move any part of his body, even his eyes are protruding not once and as if they were glass eyes “What carries with me in this suddenly dark dawn? “He

went out of his silence and said in a peremptory tone .

 ” National wash yourself and pray Fajr, we’ll take you on a tour, your have ended here , ”

suddenly heard a loud explosion after, successively breath and began to tremble from the cold and remained trapped in the place as if it did not hear the man who blamed her very peremptory tone, sapped their forces, did not accommodate the situation, still Agelbha Drowsiness and exhaustion .

” Will they destroy me? “

” Not today “

” There is execution permission “

Two hours later, the truck arrived at a building inside the destroyed city. It carried a number of bearded men without carrying rifles or automatic rifles, as was the case at the time. And some of the boys were passing through the streets. Some of the stray cats and dogs were scattered, and the garbage drums appeared crushed or burnt. The rubbish covered some corners of the roads. Most of the shops closed and the city looked as close to the truce as it was. , Watch All of these scenes may reveal the place, but one of them overheard the words “I came close to the target, a curse on this time.” When the tanker stopped near the parking lot, everyone dropped by. Thirty-five minutes before a small car arrived, one of the gunmen landed.

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