?What is the story of the British yusra


?What is the story of the British  yusra

Novel released by Dar Al-Farabi in BeirutPicture 096

 Bahraini Author  Ahmed jumayyauيسرا البريطانية 2 18-5-2015 - Copy

Change the world by force and make a difference in the universe, that was the fate that linked them and goes on the table and needles, objects feed on death to reach life and feed on life for the intervention of the scope of death, strings of traps to be crossed to survive in the end, but what is the cost?

Yusra scarlet or British accessible, the story of Troy a long distance trek crossed by Arab girl girl Zubair area in Iraq, which lasted paths are not paved since early childhood, during which passed the Iran-Iraq war and then the wars in the Gulf to liberate Kuwait and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s then fourth war with terrorism across  ISIS “Daash” and Al Qaeda .. ..

It passed out of various capitals Zubair in Basra in Iraq, through Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Dubai, Britain, Switzerland, and then again Iraq Arbil in northern Iraq.

Started to torment refugee flight in Britain then took British citizenship to fight in the storm of the millions poured into it until it locks in the heart of the terrorist quake, which put them in solitary confinement waiting for the death sentence of the armed organization that was involved in it.

Novel uphill located in the 408 pages of medium-sized Troy those girl the journey of a kidnapped trap global sparkle, Finance & Nightlife and hotels and then the wilds and deserts and ruins to lie amid objects not only believe death through for the Liberation of self, expressed through armed organizations is, airports and work in the hotels and the company of dangerous men who are leading change the world by force, deception and trapping .. How can they co-exist with this network of unrestrained violence and policies of successive Waves   Ocean? 

 [Of Al-Zubair to Aleppo to Bahrain, Dubai and even then Britain Kurdistan, you are signed in the hands of ISIS “Daash” and went out? Or as much as there was a shift to draw her trap installed by intelligence?]

“I knew that the red lines are present everywhere in this world, but it did not seems to her that there is a throne of spears waiting while she is seated him for days, bear the mountains of feelings tell-tale next terrified, I heard about the revolutionary and military field courts fast, but did not imagine that there is gold of women, men and even children of execution, hinted in an hour fineness my mind rare ghost Najwa Al-Qattan above the surface of the house publishes laundered clothes on the rope, including military suit to Jabbar al-Sharif, appeared to have a nice little girl stands just steps away from women are looking military uniform, see the Hardness symbolic of something sends a sense did not comprehend her watch, loomed her now close to death, there was silence following days and is being held in the compartment crammed with ants and insects, topped with a roof wooden, emits dust all the time and causes her constant coughing, and reached the place across a large tanker loaded with crossed by the way blindfolded did not know the shape of the tanker it was not accompanied on his identity or number, except for the sound of a man who was coughing from time to time. “

 Troy Tale accessible for Jabbar Sharif Scarlet

The novel deals with the story of the evolution of women’s uysra Zubairian origins and roots “Aneyadh” with stages transformations

  • yusra Scarlet

  • British Yusra

  • terrorist Yusra

And transit stations during the trip across the extended years embers of Zubair to Aleppo to the Lebanese border, Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi and passing through Bahrain, Dubai and London

A section of the novel:

Woke up to the beat of feet at dawn, before sunrise, open the door and is what almost covered her eyes after long hours of insomnia chronic, breaking creak wooden door stillness of dawn, and touched the feet of the man the land of the room, shaken off the cover lumbar ragged and embroidered and sat cross-legged amid the silence of the man who His face looked swollen from sleep, looked at it and said, wondering.

 “Did you hear  Morning prayer or  as sleep?”

 “What’s the fun in repe ating the word of death” appeared on her face panic of man standing body   like Fetish it does not move any part of his body, even his eyes if they were not two eyes “What carries with me in this dark dawn suddenly?”

He broke his silence and said a peremptory tone.

 “National wash yourself and prayed moorning, on a tour, stay or have ended here.”

Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard within, successively breath and began to tremble from the cold and remained locked in place if it did not hear the man who blamed her very peremptory tone, collapsed forces, did not accommodate the situation, still  Totally immersed drowsiness  and fatigue.

 “Do they    Is execution  ?”

 “No, not today.”

“There’s execution permission”

Two hours and reached the truck to a building inside the city destroyed by the bombing, a movement of a number of bearded men from without to carry rifles or automatic rifles as was the case in the time that brought them to the place, not intolerance of her this time, she saw during two hours couple of years bumpy roads and streets paved and buildings destroyed cars, but the town that entered were not by any population density, it appeared some of the boys crossing the roads and spread some stray cats and dogs, and emerged drums garbage crushed or burned as waste covered some corners of the roads were closed most of the shops down the city and seemed closer to truce , all those scenes watched Maybe it identifies the place but one of hyper-chattering over the male-based “promised close to the target, a curse on this time, once approached and again stay away” when the tanker stopped near the parking lot fell everyone by excluding them, he pointed out her driver wait, remained for more of thirty-five minutes until it reached a small car, dropped them one masked gunmen and took her to the car and set off at full speed after that blindfolded, in the beginning there was silence included an car audio engine pocket, then infiltrated her voice damaged betrays an internal sadness deep afford tone brokena


Hotel “H” in London received the first pay a worker Room Service Department, learned Turndown of service Prisoner    a prison in Dubai and realized from the day it will not accept a political refugee for many reasons, including that it did not prove political affiliation, and political activity, but there is the issue raised by the Dubai Courts facilitating prostitution and even this came out of them innocently after a month and a half of detention, did not prove it something I decided I sent to Britain through a tourist visa, later became the detention of a long investigation claimed from which she was tortured because of their political views and despite two businessmen mediate Englishmen have and provide facilities  

 agent lawyer and pay the costs, but it remained destitute, unable to adapt to the dire situation that happened to her in Britain and hoped in time to fall into the pit, or hit by a car, or fall by the roof of the place does not remain in London or go to Dubai, lost freshness for a hit and emaciated, and missed the same glamor that long because of him praise and spinning it works in one of the tourist agencies that organize group tours “Tours”.

Yusra Scarlet, was born in Basra, Iraq and graduate, Faculty of Economics at the University of Aleppo and living area bathroom Towers, did not complete the master’s degree, and labor and employee Turkish Airways in Lebanon, is one of the women who threw them violence machine in Iraq and resorted to the marriage of one of the clergy, after The promise of a decent life ended with him to divorce and a number of bruises on her face, which asks them weeks tinged with bitterness, and oppression Psychiatric to eras from the surface of the white cheek like milk, but was unable to scan those bruises from within, remained sitting protrusions eternal did not eras those grim bitter days they crossed the Iraqi border Turkish leaving behind death and destruction, and the family displaced the three States Parties, had hoped Nights black days taste of panic, that displaces those psychological spots dug in her feelings which escape from the confines of the human beast who married before the exodus to Dubai honey and ensure the land, but I was surprised that honey was found in the money and opulence dipped  and extravagance caused by run her over under the building of more than 120 floors called the “Khalifa Tawer” which did not work all that gray cloud crossing the upper floors of the building, and the smell of pine emitted from pools upper rooms of erasing the effects of one night, raped hatched by the Emergency husband who used to days and then fled after the hated strange habit while reading the Koran and pray two before raping her every night.

Before reaching Dubai left the place is packed with thousands of women and the elderly, children, and I checked the Turkish Airlines office researcher for a job lower than the previous job, but I discovered that the place and take no choice in this country rife with Arab refugees from all over the place, but one way which bars and nightclubs, There is no place for certificates and expertise in the country of the decomposition of the lowest elements of human rights and there is nothing to eat it unless they manage tricks and machinations, or sells the most precious thing owned your soul, and even these precious things you have not  bridge the breath to live, not in front of her marriage option of a man thought to be with him at least safe from human beasts, even for a few months to manage her, was to meet transient collected with a mysterious man suddenly emerged in front of her in one of winter nights, and snow pouring frost hits in the greatness of her body and hunger unsheathed them the rest of the ability to endurance, she saw him, and he is approaching car, “James” black distributed insured and cast salute and then of its own among the refugees distinctive queens ranged between sheets of cotton, wool, food cans and a few banknotes of dollars in class, I realized that it is not from within the charity, I felt that the sky Higher I sent her an angel without the rest of the refugees, came from behind winter thick clouds to rebuild the mess inside, a young man in about thirty, elegant and with longer beard touched them condemn it and I felt from the tone of his strict reins of it and gone along with his words Velvet visits to three days On the fourth day the cave of Ali Baba open and surprised her request to marry, and is only days until hijacked transit to Dubai and then to Bahrain to settle with them in a private apartment in her chosen “Busaytin” area in the city of Muharraq along the sea. Heaven overlooked by most of the time alone, solve evening and redressed the night and waving the day of the room overlooking the sea window and waving her tall buildings from afar the identity of the people who live there and what they do in these long hours with them and them, trying to invent stories in her imagination what going on behind the walls, cut the time boredom, open the TV on tedious channels, follow-up and trying to integrate into the series or Arabic movie, but another series may not taken out of her head, as it tells the story behind the fence in the loops between hunger and cold, homelessness and individuals know languishing under the line Slow death, including brothers and sisters, children, friends, friends, teachers, neighbors, and people you do not know but it was see them crossing the road and cut down the corridors before coming down rain bombs and cruise missiles from the sky and the sea, the transformation of stones, rocks and bodies to mixed blocks, then start Serial bloody parts after the occupation and the civil war and displacement, which ended to this small apartment overlooking the sea in Bahrain.

“What do I do here?” The frequency question dozens of times a day, at her stay there, grabbed the front of the television, and the sea that weariness of continuous retrospect him to the world of borders, airports multiple agencies and escape, not exit or phone except ground phone that receives all his calls intermittent, showing interest in their time, The other asks preparedness for the visits, spend a night or half of them sometimes and then close the door and get out, leaving them looking for clues to escape in her mind, the jump from the pier burned to a sinking ship, facing several options Ohllagha rape religiously or prostitution or death, homelessness, nothing leads to the function was blocked Business and wait for the doors not only result in loss and loneliness, and the certificate at the time of the civil war and refuge across the border are not given the opportunity to get to the job, and the best and reached his young Sheikh Yusuf al-wing, and here is lying in front of the window you wish Mnama city tablets of Valium class or sedative Xanax has traditionally These doses days before the war and during university exams and discuss the mission of the university, will be lucky if you get the drive and the ultimate dream, as it is the way out of this impasse, but how to get out of this apartment?

She smiled as she recalled her dream` and those bloody days ago to escape to Dubai and then to prison and then to London, the escape alone constitutes a serial Here are disks available to her and did not achieve happiness, but enough to sleep five hours continuously without having to wake up at night and regain the ghosts of the fence, tents and guards border, to begin rotation Hotel “H”, which has provided a haven in the early days and the promise of long-range upgrade transferred to the Department of Management at the first opportunity available, but years passed before that, a mobile from a hotel to another. She lives with guestrooms and their secrets and have adapted to this situation and she loved and became part of the mysterious life filled with excitement when she was making the long hours of the day between the hotel rooms contemplating and studying different situations per inhabitant through its contents his bag of contents, and through its aftermath and what it does or practiced from work for the duration of his stay in the room, it was in the early days to avoid approaching residents bags or inspection purposes only and just move it during cleaning, but with time and familiarity with the work gradually began to critically examine all her lies and it examines the guest tools and how to use it and whether it is clean or dirty, neglected salary? I got to know the types of people, whether they are men or women, and on the level of their grades living through property types of Watches and clothes and I got to know deceptively types and other stupid, and others from the owners of false appearances, was contemplating, for example, some of whom dressed in outerwear expensive than brands global at the same time that their underwear cheap and some are even Mthri, and some of them much cast of materials Kamoas razor from first use, and some re-used by the times, some even acquire accessories precious but hides hygiene daily bath set, the hotel provided in the bag, which are required elsewhere, the rooms were For her broad and fantasy world, spend hours searching and investigation in the identity of the resident, and some raised draws attention, in interest in his personality, others, and others arouse disgust, and although there is a specific time with a deadline, one of the twenty minutes to thirty minutes for each room except the rooms double, but some rooms do not take them ten minutes and some of the rooms take the whole time, it depends on the nature of the static and cleanliness some were raised attention to his way of living, Examines the character and recognize the content of his style of living and arranged and his handling of the contents of the place, and others is not worth it to them only clean the place and accelerate out of the room, it was the world of the rooms as a whole constitutes a scientist stand-alone reflects the outside world, and infers that the nationalities of the residents and their doctrines, often recognize those of their passports they leave on the table or through their clothes or through what they carry from books and magazines, and more what their identities are revealed scriptures brought by some as the Qur’an and the Holy Bible and the book, and he raises laughing and snorts with derision is some irony positions as the existence of huge amounts of condom or some types of medications and drives like a hidden Viagra tablets in desks small near the sleeping family, in addition to many suspicious things and was the most dangerous thing I discovered once handgun cache down pillow Vosabha panic and dug up memories of the war in her mind, I hastened to inform the administration that asked her to secrecy on the matter and that it will act, and when he encountered the next day and met in room, guessed nationality of his skin color and accent English vestiges of a concert given by Russian tone, was the first weeks of work Hotel “H”, which began in London and then returned it to him and then settled in another branch in “Kingston” outside London Downtown.

“I’m just a servant rooms, although the label has changed and made housekeeper rooms I finally maid”

Attacking ideas in the form of obsessions, and topping its days and leave them even left her head on the pillow at the end of the working day, looking for secrets and answers regarding reached, are not aware that they have a lot but they do not work on exploitation, was contemplating her face in the mirror and looking for meaning to form, and delve into brightened probe Gore overlooking features of shape details Maybe incredible as the degree of beauty, despite all what has happened in the harassment since she was faring university even today, The degree of uncertainty in itself and form does not back down, what to start asking questions even fizzle sense of confidence, The source of uncertainty conviction as if it were on the degree of discord what had been displaced and permanent displacement, the times that surrendered the spinning other, when I worked tourism company in Dubai motivated access to exit from loss without overly honor, was a difficult equation between yielding to harassing and achieve What aspire, and between the opposition and continue to flee from one country to another, has tasted the bow once the marriage of Sheikh Yusuf al-wing after the break with her natural, to wear a veil, then the isolated away from public life, an apartment and are subject to strict control except eat and watch a few TV channels, mostly Religious If out of the apartment with him you will not see only humans are moving in supermarkets and public markets without having a say in any of watching or being around, spent a few months in Bahrain did not speak but the pair did not hear the others did not come into contact with other human beings like the only guy on the face of the earth, and when you meet some of the women on the scale of the building you live in a with only embezzling matter to see in the faces of the women questioned and uncertainties signs, did not know about Bahrain for the duration of her stay where only the walls of the apartment lights and buildings from afar and broadcast on Bahrain TV of local news and when she escape and climb up to the plane and this has another story know that Bahrain is similar to Dubai in many ways and wished if there lived a normal and with a pair naturally like humans, wished after escaping to return, but it is this obsessive sex to see Bahrain as I heard it.

Gone through a lot of confrontations, I remembered that what is happening in Britain is a paradise compared to what happened to her in Zubair city and Aleppo, and even when she was in Bahrain, was imprisoned in those luxury apartment is no different from her stay in a tent on the border, even when an apartment inhabited the skyscraper in Dubai, was prone to bargaining between the voracious work between a prostitute and that faint c of the place, “What is happening to me in London today, not only deal with Hia of adventure and I do not know where it ends me.”

Was taking place in the scary street events, but succumbed to of something as long as does not intend to expose expelled from here because of an error committed before gaining British citizenship, it has to give up everything lost to stay here, the family and the brothers and the house and home and childhood friends and all the history and inheritance, legacy behind and even Jabbar Sharif and her father, who served as a gateway to the world “disappeared I do not know if he is alive or among the martyrs or dead, according to the situation”

“Jabbar Sharif Scarlet”

Yearn with silence, and pop up whenever the loss gap widened, disappears highlights but carved in conscience live Kalkhlaya moving inside whenever moved feelings, the whole family was lost in the horlutching the hand of those Zubairian girl who walked alone in the way Blur.rors of the loss of the homeland, but Jabbar Sharif remained in a dream, c

من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق)

من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق)  الجزء الثالث والأخير ثلاثية القمر الشوارع المزدحمة عند المساء بمنطقة الجفير تبدو غارقة في مستنقع من السيارات  المجنونة، يقودها شباب أغلبهم متهورين تضج بهم شوارع …

المصدر: من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق)

من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق)

من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق)  الجزء الثالث والأخير ثلاثية القمر الشوارع المزدحمة عند المساء بمنطقة الجفير تبدو غارقة في مستنقع من السيارات  المجنونة، يقودها شباب أغلبهم متهورين تضج بهم شوارع …

المصدر: من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق)

من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق)

من رواية (رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق) صثقص

الجزء الثالث والأخير ثلاثية القمر

الشوارع المزدحمة عند المساء بمنطقة الجفير تبدو غارقة في مستنقع من السيارات  المجنونة، يقودها شباب أغلبهم متهورين تضج بهم شوارع المنطقة لدى نهاية كل أسبوع، وأغلبهم من دول مجلس التعاون، قطريون  وكويتيون وسعوديون وقلة من العمانيين، تكتظ بهم الشوارع الضيقة التي مازالت تحت التصليح أو الإنشاء، إذ لا توجد مواقف للسيارات ولا مخارج لها فتتحول المنطقة الصغيرة المحشورة بين سياج القاعدة الأمريكية من جهة و سلسلة مطاعم الوجبات السريعة من جهة ثانية إلى علبة سردين، وعندما تضيق مواقف السيارات الجانبية يضطر البعض من رواد الضاحية تلك إلى ركن سياراتهم فوق الأرصفة وتتوقف حركة السيارات ويتوزع الصخب والضجيج بالمكان حتى يضيق بالمشاة الذين يختنقون بدخان عوادم السيارات، فيما تتصاعد حرارة شمس يونيو الممهدة لدخول الصيف وهو الفصل الذي هجرت فيه نعوم شقتها لأكثر من شهر واستقرت في شقة مفروشة أخرى لحين ما يتم إعادة تأهيل شقتها التي تمكن خليفة من شرائها بعد أن ترسخت رغبتها في الاستقرار بهذه المنطقة المطلة على البحر، فمنظرها المسائي يذكرها بالدار.

 انحدر المساء على أفق المنطقة التي تتوسط قلب الضاحية التجارية وهي تكتظ بالمطاعم والسوبرماركات الجديدة، لاذت السيارات بالأرصفة بعد أن ضاقت بها الشوارع، وهذا دفع نعوم الهاربة من الضاحية البحرية من المحرق هرباً من رائحة البحر ونكهته الوحشية قبل أن تبتلعها اليابسة وتُزرع بالجزر الاصطناعية التي قضت على اليابسة بالمحرق، لتلوذ بشقتها منعزلة، والغالبية من سكان السواحل لاذوا بعيداً عن شمس وملح البحر ورائحته إلى منازل وشقق الإسكان، ولكن الشتاء كثيراً ما ذَكّر خليفة بطراوة الطقس ونكهة الهواء البارد المنعش، عندما تنبعث من المنازل روائح الطبخ الطيبة المصحوبة بعبق القرفة والزنجبيل ومزيج البيض المقلي بالبصل والثوم، كانت أشعة الشمس الباهتة في الشتاء تمنع عنه حالة الحك والحساسية التي كانت تصيبه في يونيو ويوليو وأغسطس وتدفعه للحك والهرش بأظفاره ليسيل دمه في النهاية، فقد فضل الشتاء لأسباب عديدة منذ طفولته ومراهقته وتهربه من الحر والرطوبة، كان سقوط المطر يتزامن مع تصاعد شهوته الجسدية ومعاناته مع الوحدة والأفكار الاشتراكية التي ما انبثق وانقلب عليها محتفظاً بروح المبادئ ومتخذا من الليبرالية جوهر روحه الداخلية التي تغذي ذاته بالحب للحياة والجسد، وتغذي عقله بالتحول المستمر في الأفكار والسياسة والتي فرضت عليه التظاهر بالتدين ومنافقة الملتحين إلى أن بدأت السنوات تشق له طريقاً منذ رحيله إلى الجفير متخذاً من شقته المطلة على البحر والمجمعات والشوارع مرفأ مؤقتاً لحين تنساب معه بقية امتيازات الحياة الجديدة التي يتطلع إليها بذاته الظاهرية، ويمقتها بذاته المحفزة بكراهية الغنى منذ تعلم أن ذل الفقر، والوحدة و المرارة، والمرأة التي يحبها من روحه وهي تواقة للعذاب الداخلي من خلال صمتها وكآبتها المزمنة، ومع ذلك لا يفكر بمجرد الابتعاد عنها، كانت نعوم مينائه الأخير في الحياة رغم ثغرة السن الشاسعة بينه وبينها، وترهل الجلد عند أسفل الفك ووضوح الفارق كبيراً بينهما، فقد توسلها أن تعلن له عن حبها ولو لمرة تكون فيها نبرتها صادقة وصادرة من القلب، وحصل له ما أراده ولم تقنعه العبارة ولا المشاعر التي وجدها جافة لا تعبر عن شغف به كما هو يفعل، فتكيف عبر السنوات اللاحقة مع هذا الطقس الحسي وتجرع الصمت حيناً والكلام عندما تكون هناك حكمة منه.                                                                              

ظل طريقه خلال كل المرافئ التي ألقى بمراسيه فيها وفقد الدلالة على فهم ما يجري من حوله، فراح يتنقل من ميناء إلى آخر، ومن درب إلى منحدر، ومرّ بجميع الطرق الوعرة معتقداً أنها الطريق الأقصر إلى إثبات الذات، ولكنه كان انتقال بمجرد أن يصيبه الضجر أو تضيق به السبل وكان الدين غطاءً لعبور المسافات القصيرة نحو النجاح، ولم تشفع له الوسائل التي اقتبسها من الجماعات الإسلامية في نزع نسيج التوتر والقلق الذيّن رافقاه منذ الطفولة حين عاش منعزلاً مع والدته، إلا من رفقة الشيخ فضل الذي سرّب إليه كل الأسرار والخفايا المتعلقة بالشيخ خلف، فكان في البداية يميل إلى الصوفية وما لبث أن انقلب تدريجيا وبصورة ضبابية ما بين الأخوان والسلف، إلى أن انخرط مع الأخوان حينما احتاجوا إلى مرشح لإحدى الدوائر الانتخابية وبدأ يصعد السلم رغم عقده الثلاثيني معتمداً على نسيج العلاقات الإخوانية  التي تعتبر جواز المرور للبرلمان وغيره من المناصب، وذلك من خلال الشبكة العنكبوتية المتسللة إلى كافة المؤسسات، وهذا النفق المؤدي للدهاليز الضبابية هو ما يدفع الكثير من الطامحين والمتطلعين للمناصب إلى الانخراط في الشبكة الدينية الواسعة الأطراف التي تستوعب الشباب والأطفال والمراهقين، وقد أدرك خليفة ومن قبله مبارك قدرة النسيج الديني على فتح آفاق النجاح، فولجا إليها متخلين عن وازعهما الديني الصوفي الذي ورثاه مما وصل إليهما من بقايا وأسرار الشيخين خلف وفضل اللذيّن نفثا فيه نفسهُما الديني، ذي الصبغة الصوفية، المبني على ذوبان الذات الآدمية في الذات الإلهية، حتى لتبدو كأنها تشبه طيفاً من الذاتية الملحدة التي تتوحد مع المحيط الاجتماعي عبر التساهل بين الجسد والرغبة والتوغل في غابة استوائية من الرغبة التي تبدد أي تحفظ للجسد وتحرض على إباحة الشهوة من خلال تحرير الرغبة من الحصار الديني التقليدي، لم يعي خليفة فلسفة الجسد هذه ولم يفلح في سنواته المبكرة في معرفة أسرار الغابة المليئة بالمنحدرات والدهاليز الموغلة في عمق الروح، لكنه وبقليل من أسرار الشيخين اللذين فتحا له بوابة الرغبة الاستوائية، تمكّن رغم عزلة المكان والزمان من الولوج إلى عمق اللذة الروحية والجسدية وهي تنبعث من تأمله في جسد النساء كما لو كان نسخة طبق الأصل للشيخ سيار الجد الأول للشهوة الاستوائية(1) حتى وهو يتذوق الطعام المغموس في الثوم والملون بنكهة الزعفران التي توقظ الشهوة، كان يستمد هذا الذوق من نبع الأيام الخوالي التي كان فيها الشيخ سيار يقتبس اللذة من نكهة الفلفل والخلطات السرية حين اعتاد أن يسقي نفسه ويسقي النساء من حوله بتلك المشروبات السرية، كان خليفة هو نفسه الشيخ سيار رغم أن مبارك هو الذي ينتمي بالجسد والروح إلى الشيخ الراحل وليس خليفة، لقد تزامن ولادة الطفرة الدينية بداخله مع موجة التدين التي اجتاحت الأمكنة كلها وتسربت إلى الجميع من شباب وأطفال ونساء ورجال، وبدت الملابس  والمظاهر والألوان تذكر بأن الدنيا على وشك أن تغادر من هذه الأمكنة التي عرفت فيما سبق الهوى وكيف كان يدار في الأحياء والمدن وحتى الأجواء التي يتزامن فيها التديّن بالطقس المثقل بالأمطار والبرد والبخار وزغب الغيوم وهي تتناوب السماء بهدير من البرق والرعد، وتذكر بالحب والوله، كل هذه الفصول المفعمة بمشاعر العفوية التي كانت تقرب الناس من بعضهم البعض، صارت وسط المد الديني حلبة سباق نحو المناصب والمقاعد البرلمانية والبلدية، من هذا النفق ولج خليفة عالم السياسة الممزوجة بالدين. هناك ملامح كبيرة تكتنف العلاقة الدينية بين خليفة والشيخ خلف من خلال ما كان يرويه الشيخ فضل عن الآخر، ولعل تلك السيرة التي انطبعت بصماتها في وجدان خليفة حينها قد تنفست اليوم في شكل انتماء لجمعية الأخوان حين تقاطر بعض أعضاءها عليه،  وهموا بالتوغل إليه والتسلل من باب الدين لكنهم دهشوا لدى اكتشافهم حجم الطاقة الغريزية من المعرفة الحسية التي لا يحتاج من يملكها إلى الكثير من الجهد ليصبح قيادياً في التنظيم رغم صمته الدائم وعدم مجادلته، وقد أشاع ذلك حوله إعجاب الكثيرين  وقد كان لنعوم دورها في صقله، عبر مرافقتها له منذ الوهلة التي تحررت فيها من البحر والساحل والمحرق وهربت إلى الجفير مع ذكريات دار الشيخ سيار، وكأنها بدفعها له لواجهة التنظيم تريد الخلاص من وجدانها المؤلم المثقل بسنين المرارة والمجون الجميل كما كانت تسميه كلما طفت بسطح ذاكرتها الواهنة أطياف تلك السنين وأوراقها الصفراء المتساقطة.       


1- الشيخ سيار هو بطل أحداث  رواية (بيضة القمر) وهي الجزء الأول من هذه الثلاثية ولمزيد من التفاصيل يمكن العودة إلى تلك الرواية للمؤلف.                     

تقاطع عالم خليفة الراهن مع نعوم بعوالم الأمس الثرية بالأسرار، وتحولت أحاسيس حبه الجارف لها إلى خزانة مشاعر لا تنضب، وفي أوقات الحاجة تهدر بالثقة، وكلما شعر برغبة في جسد ما ترك لخياله الواسع الوحشي يمتزج بين جسد نعوم في ذروة استوائية وجسد المرأة التي تقتحم عليه رغبته، ولهذا لم تغوهِ امرأة إلا عبر ولعه الدائم بنعوم التي كانت تترجم حبها له بموسيقى الجسد، فتتحول المضاجعة إلى عزف منفرد على جزيرة جسدها الذي ظل كما كان عليه دائماً من الجمال والرشاقة رغم تقدمه في العمر، كانت تثيره في شكل جسد آخر من امرأة أخرى لم يضاجعها، كان يقتبس من الشيخ خلف غريزة النفاذ وراء ملابس النساء وتجريدهن من كل القطع والسفر للشهوة، وإذا فاضت شهوته  عن قدرته على الاحتمال، لاذ بالاستمناء، ينحرف حيناً عنها بمشاعره فقط، ولكن سرعان ما يعود إليها مستوحياً ذكرياته معها في دار الشيخ بالحالة التي تحتضن سيرة الهوى في زمن المحرق القديم.