Message from darkness

Message from darkness

يسرا البريطانية 2 18-5-2015 - Copy

How are recruited to the ranks of girls isis “Daash”? How is the exploitation of women to be the spearhead of covert operations at a high level of technical and organizational to become a focal point in the web divided between Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Turkey and London in secret work linking the Iraqi army liquidation and the revival of secret military organizations? isis “Daash” from blame if the majority of the leaders of the Iraqi “Baathist” army officers who discharged without work and without livelihood but was prosecuting his officers and soldiers at the hands of the Iraqi Shiite groups that control Iraq today?
Iraqi women that came out of her homeland homeless after it was dear self and place high and very valiant and chaste honor was chased by gangs corrupt referee who took over the liquidation of the “Baathist” legacy and how its position robbed and exploited but were torturing them? Only they have the right to search for paradise even if it’s on the heads of a forest of deadly arrows to avenge her dignity?
The misery of Arab life amid the hotbeds of destruction and devastation left by the Arab Spring, extracted from human remains of his humanity and threw him in the dark corridors, the external appearance of sex and dollars in five-star hotels red and Nightlife soft and salons at face value and spears bloody inside, all this led to other epic of epics death and life in the current scene of Arabic, which is a modified and upgraded version brutal Ages-era Dignity and Assassins bloody in Arab history, which draws from those attending the modern revolutionary eras dark.
This summary of the missing link in the lives of women alienated from the mantle of the times before the recent Arab revolutions, located in the crater of the tragic loss which about thin dreamy girl beauty female slave life of prosperity to the girl fighter in terrorist organizations chase of British intelligence, despite her pregnancy British citizenship after years of work hotel but nowhere did not bring her to open an account in the millions is the other not only brings her nothingness
Yusra this my friend to cross the capitals of the world flaming tension and terrorism not only highlights the secret words escaped from the Arab city of confidentiality expose her to the bottom of the British capital.
Thank you to open this window on the world of the British Yusra
From refugee message

الكاتب: loutes99

روائي بحريني اصدر العديد من الروايات والمسرحيات والدراسات للمؤلف ... - شهرزاد الحلم والواقع مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - الصعود الى المنحدر الرمادي مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - ابونواس يرقص الديسكو مسرحية......دار الفارابي– 1982 - فنجان قهوة للرئيس مسرحية دار الفارابي - سينما التحولات دراسة نقدية لسينما يوسف شاهين ....دار الربيعان للنشر والتوزيع – الكويت 1986 - كرة الرماد دراسة – وزارة الإعلام – البحرين - الديمقراطية الالكترونية دراسة مؤسسة الأيام للنشر التوزيع البحرين - 1997 - الديمقراطية الانقلابية دراسة في مشروع الإصلاح البحريني- مؤسسة الأيام للنشر والتوزيع البحرين 2005 - بيضة القمر رواية – المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر 2001 - قمر باريسي رواية المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر– 2009 - الخراف الضالة رواية دار الفارابي - رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق - رواية - يسرا البريطانية - رواية - خريف الكرز رواية - حرب البنفسج رواية - لص القمر سنمار الإخباري صدرت مؤخرًا - القرنفل التبريزي - ابو العلاء المعري - دار الفارابي - 2020 - ليلة الفلفل في لوغانو -رواية دار اسكرايب 2022

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