It Germans Booker Prize

In this sense, the prize as awarded to the author in English, that is, originally written in English, was published in the same in a

publishing house in one of the English-speaking countries, it also gives the publisher who benefit from this win increasingly entranced in the sales figures, even apart from the artistic value of the Year Award .
Little by little, perhaps because of the popularity of the novel among readers in English more than other forms of literature and other arts, German Poker has become the focus of attention novelist and publisher together, especially in English-speaking countries, from Canada in the far north to Australia and New Zealand through the Commonwealth whole and the State of which was tracked British crown someday, who bequeathed the crown mother tongue became a mother for others as well.
The open competition to this wide arc of countries, writers and publishers have created a kind of global award, but due to circumstances related to funding, publishing and other matters related to the publishing industry award was take different names to be settled on the final title: «Germans Poker» and became a well-established tradition in dealing with the product in English novelist in the world.
However, remarkable for this award are two things respect to the first two Jury, since it is not possible to be a member in which non-British, however they are very diverse somewhat strange at times, as well as critics and academics specializing in general or novel literature specifically and journalists from the field of journalism Cultural in one of the well-known British newspapers, they may include members or headed by someone practicing writing, Kalmzkrat or diaries or travel literature and espionage as years ago occurred when the head of a British spy specialized devices took the jury after her retirement and dedication to write her memoir, Personal, and then travels to write literature adventures or espionage, or that the member coming from afar for any of the fields of literary field at all, as happened this year as the committee comprises representatives.
This diversity raises controversy whenever approached the announcement of the award date. How have five of the arbitrators read so many novels and filtered to the long list in the beginning, where required the award to be novel, which enters the race version, for example, this year or the year preceded it, and then filtering the long list of more than a work of fiction novel percent numbered for this year and one percent and fifty six novels will Tnhabs breaths of their authors and publishers and biased to readers for a variety of reasons that it’s the fifteenth of the month of October.
It Germans Booker Prize
This is to make it always the focus of criticism and accountability, with the award continued and continues even managed announced an international award with the same name given once every two years to a novel published in English, whether translated or not, and usually gives the beginning of each year with the International Book Fair in Australia. It seems that each their own tribulations with this award, it will continue, and the virtue of persistence of any award of this kind they make readers the public on a permanent link to pursue product novelist, or primarily support the publishing industry and provide a kind of permanence to this support, away from the view of the critics and the book offers books in prestigious newspapers and support for their articles or different results with it, but it is fueled by the controversy in some way are spread her fame more broadly, as is the case with the British Poker Germans.
In any case, for the jury, this year, they are included along with Robert McFarlane president, a writer and academic, born in 1976, and may be the youngest of the heads of the jury in the prize in its history, including the jury for this year: memoirist diaries Robert Douglas, and editor and writer article in the British daily «Independent» Natalie Hennes, and radio in the BBC Radio Martha Kearney, critic and writer offers books in the field of non-literary Stuart Kelly, as well as a percentage of Arbitration for granted

الكاتب: loutes99

روائي بحريني اصدر العديد من الروايات والمسرحيات والدراسات للمؤلف ... - شهرزاد الحلم والواقع مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - الصعود الى المنحدر الرمادي مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - ابونواس يرقص الديسكو مسرحية......دار الفارابي– 1982 - فنجان قهوة للرئيس مسرحية دار الفارابي - سينما التحولات دراسة نقدية لسينما يوسف شاهين ....دار الربيعان للنشر والتوزيع – الكويت 1986 - كرة الرماد دراسة – وزارة الإعلام – البحرين - الديمقراطية الالكترونية دراسة مؤسسة الأيام للنشر التوزيع البحرين - 1997 - الديمقراطية الانقلابية دراسة في مشروع الإصلاح البحريني- مؤسسة الأيام للنشر والتوزيع البحرين 2005 - بيضة القمر رواية – المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر 2001 - قمر باريسي رواية المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر– 2009 - الخراف الضالة رواية دار الفارابي - رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق - رواية - يسرا البريطانية - رواية - خريف الكرز رواية - حرب البنفسج رواية - لص القمر سنمار الإخباري صدرت مؤخرًا - القرنفل التبريزي - ابو العلاء المعري - دار الفارابي - 2020 - ليلة الفلفل في لوغانو -رواية دار اسكرايب 2022

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