Soon published novel (British Yusra)

images ةة0Soon published novel

Soon published novel

(British Yusra)

Tells the story of Yusra Jabbar Sharif Scarlet…
The novel deals with the story of the evolution of women’s Yusra Zubairian origins and roots “Aneyadh” with the stages of transformations:
• Yusra Scarlet
• British Yusra
• terrorist Yusra
And transit stations during the journey stretching across years embers of Zubair to Aleppo to the Lebanese border, Syrian, Turkish and Iraqi passing Bahrain, Dubai and London
A section of the novel:
Woke up to the beat of feet at dawn, before sunrise, the door opened a what almost covered her eyes after long hours of insomnia chronic, breaking squeak wooden door stillness of dawn, and touched the feet of the man land roommate, shaken off the cover lumbar ragged embroidered and sat cross-legged amid the silence of the man who His face looked swollen from sleep, looked at her and said, wondering.
“Did you hear Fajr, as usual gattine like death in sleep?”
“What fun to repeat the word death,” appeared on her face panic of a man standing body it does not move any part of his body, even his eyes IPDC if they were eyes glass tubes are “What brings with me in this dark dawn of a sudden?”
Broke his silence and said a peremptory tone.
“National wash yourself and prayed Fajr, on tour, stay has ended here.”
Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard within, successively breath and began to tremble from the cold and remained locked in place did not seem to hear the man who blamed her very peremptory tone, sapped of their forces, did not understand the situation, still drowsiness and fatigue.
“Do they execution me?”
“No, not today.”
“There’s execution permission”
Just two hours and got the truck to the building in the city destroyed by bombing, the movement of a number of bearded men without carry rifles or machine guns as was the case in the time that brought them to the place, not intolerance of her this time, she saw during the two-hour couple of years bumpy roads and streets paved and buildings destroyed and cars, but the town, which entered were not by any population density, it appeared some of the boys crossing the road and spread some stray cats and dogs, and emerged drums garbage crushed or burned as waste covered some corners of the roads were closed most of the shops down the city and seemed closer to truce , all those scenes watched perhaps identifies the place but one of hyper chattering over the male-based “promised close to the target, a curse on this time, once approached and again stay away” when the airline stopped near the parking lot fell everyone by excluding them, pointed her driver wait, remained for more thirty-five minutes until they reached a small car, landed them a masked gunmen and took her to the car and set off at full speed after blindfolded, in the beginning there was silence included a voice hood pocket, then infiltrated voice damaged betrays an internal sadness deep afford tone broken.
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الكاتب: loutes99

روائي بحريني اصدر العديد من الروايات والمسرحيات والدراسات للمؤلف ... - شهرزاد الحلم والواقع مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - الصعود الى المنحدر الرمادي مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - ابونواس يرقص الديسكو مسرحية......دار الفارابي– 1982 - فنجان قهوة للرئيس مسرحية دار الفارابي - سينما التحولات دراسة نقدية لسينما يوسف شاهين ....دار الربيعان للنشر والتوزيع – الكويت 1986 - كرة الرماد دراسة – وزارة الإعلام – البحرين - الديمقراطية الالكترونية دراسة مؤسسة الأيام للنشر التوزيع البحرين - 1997 - الديمقراطية الانقلابية دراسة في مشروع الإصلاح البحريني- مؤسسة الأيام للنشر والتوزيع البحرين 2005 - بيضة القمر رواية – المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر 2001 - قمر باريسي رواية المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر– 2009 - الخراف الضالة رواية دار الفارابي - رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق - رواية - يسرا البريطانية - رواية - خريف الكرز رواية - حرب البنفسج رواية - لص القمر سنمار الإخباري صدرت مؤخرًا - القرنفل التبريزي - ابو العلاء المعري - دار الفارابي - 2020 - ليلة الفلفل في لوغانو -رواية دار اسكرايب 2022

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