(الخراف الضالة - روايةrose in (lost sheep)    A section of the novel (the lost sheep) of the newly Ahmedjuma address the critical period experienced by Bahrain since 2011  I took off the rose veil of light that barely conceals the edge of her hair black from the front and brought down the curtain her window overlooking the narrow road separating the two passages a series of houses stacked inside the old neighborhood pasteurization to avoid hearing the sounds and troubled that interfere with the sound of gunshots and snaps Solvents tears that have been coming in Throughout the two days and the last two nights, I became riveted in front of the mirror walleyes eyes contributed looks applied silence which contemplates her hair hunch scary Iogl the desire tow her to bronze color like the one a little while ago in one of the foreign magazines to cover this on the psychological state of the troubled feeling padded that color The new would tend her state of depression severe caused by the sounds overlapping vehicles and shots and shrieks emitted with a security force of the village with gleaming sky from the roof of the house lights sharp intertwined with darkness sloping after power outages after storming SS streets and roads in the village, was the night starts early and noise slips with each passing minute while overlooking nozzles for rifles carried by men roam the streets with the roar of voices gigs security, on the impact of each move in ways it seems the place is like a forest concrete interspersed with odors gases mixed smell of cooking emitted from the windows of the houses that seemed to some almost deserted of life where he left Some other areas and do some of the residents to close their doors and windows full of silence between each other, amazement of what is happening around them. World Flower narrowed to a small room with a TV and a device for laptop and phone-type BlackBerry and lava from feelings of rage washed with Seoul of grief and panic internal coupled glumly loss of love, who was born and died quickly wind that its seed in the space of blood and wandering, was troubled as it faces the same in a separate room above surface inhabit after that fed them on the ground floor are her brothers and sisters in the yard of a small house on the outskirts of the village for a series of houses sprawling old quarter, was the shock of the end of the dream of the revolution has spilled her soul with synchronized splitting from Hamad at the height of sobbing storm that swept across the country, from That day came in night with communication tools in wailing internal horrific travels to fragments of the pain of sore without tears, have remained locked in eyeball her eyes, were inserted into the bed and covered in a coma, using all means of hypnosis tablets and liquids cough narcotic sleep to overcome his negative entrenched in melancholy take into fantasies unruly between Ftersm scenarios dim in her mind conscious of sneaking into her mind subcontractors about it feelings of lonely even grimmer than the same ideas that produced those sensations like a flood of overwhelming pain caused by disappointment that passed by with hundreds of her generation who Raodthm revolutionary ideas spun by the means of social communication, such as Facebook and Twitter have drifted in the beginning of the events emotionally engage social activities that accompanied the movement, believing they Revolutioin the heart of the flood have participated in cheers and sent messages and distributed leaflets and chanted slogans were not aware of the course of events, the soul glow Brightly scene coupled with the passion that rooted for Hamad since before the events, and then shouted to the explosion emotional bond between people and woke the sleeping that sense of the different categories of the population in anger, tension and there has been concern began to sense of sagging toward fear and anticipation, which afford events but remained in line with the current and carried her from the liberation of Restrictions home and questions parents remained absent from the house for hours and days and spend the night outside the home even managed for the first time in her life, a sense of freedom to go out and to ensure the absence have feelings towards untying social, they consider the matter from the angle of escape from the families of the values ​​that lived throughout the years-old twentieth and is about to enter the absolute freedom with the loose security situation fully, which represents in turn the rotor to a shelter for the souls wandering and wandering itself open sails on chronicling her feelings to start fiercely feelings that collided in recent days, with the expansion of the protests and the violence and the occupation of the streets and Financial Harbor began sneaking reasonable doubt but remained haggle surmises that took sneaks into her mind muddled and increased the intersection of these ideas with passion towards Hamad, who was the beginning of the inscription emotional sweeping it as a port for her life, which was from the beginning confused and aimless only conjecture predicts the progress of the relationship with him toward maturity driven a spark of passion began to realize that when she lays her head on the pillow last days of the events of the decline of a sense of security with the appearance of tanks and armed vehicles and heavy force of arms crowds filled the streets and roads that were almost empty by the time of these appearances. Saw in Zhou night and won a darkness on the edge of deep sadness when interrupted for sleep and saturation spirit of the blaze unity and receding sounds, noise and crowds that were surrounded by the central density jingles and discussion and debate among the souls unrestrained limitless cycle, now a single Araogha Lille missed footnotes clouds rainy which was Wet Zvaúrha at the edge of the rotor I realized the loss of the dream and the taste of wine love that swallows the rash of sectarian rotted paths in mind the small woke up to the glory it has its icon-clad passion inflamed, began her is a lie dweller desperation spilled her from all sides as if guided to swarm the stars of heaven, which did not notes through its presence dizzy path these stars Vajtanha memory of the glory of love that was through him locked in solving the mud at the foot of the old harbor adjacent to the sea and is holding the hand of Hamad amid the darkness of the stealth of night and the same on every light intruder from afar, fearing exposure of her, I realized that the thrill of the fear that was clouded at the time What was the coolest went through in her life. Became night and the upper chamber isolated from the rest of the house amid the brightness of lights helicopters hovering above and the sounds of vehicles and dust choking emitted from the street haven intersection with the bitterness of the loss of love in fantasy ersatz weaving her mind subcontractors which insists upon the absence of numbness lasting constitutes a refuge from pain with ideas that generate feelings hidden to help them escape from the fact it began to creep into the beginning of the relationship with Hamad and regained the ferocity of ecstasy and her mind began to work on the escape ..   ****

الكاتب: loutes99

روائي بحريني اصدر العديد من الروايات والمسرحيات والدراسات للمؤلف ... - شهرزاد الحلم والواقع مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - الصعود الى المنحدر الرمادي مسرحية مجلة الأقلام العراقية - ابونواس يرقص الديسكو مسرحية......دار الفارابي– 1982 - فنجان قهوة للرئيس مسرحية دار الفارابي - سينما التحولات دراسة نقدية لسينما يوسف شاهين ....دار الربيعان للنشر والتوزيع – الكويت 1986 - كرة الرماد دراسة – وزارة الإعلام – البحرين - الديمقراطية الالكترونية دراسة مؤسسة الأيام للنشر التوزيع البحرين - 1997 - الديمقراطية الانقلابية دراسة في مشروع الإصلاح البحريني- مؤسسة الأيام للنشر والتوزيع البحرين 2005 - بيضة القمر رواية – المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر 2001 - قمر باريسي رواية المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر– 2009 - الخراف الضالة رواية دار الفارابي - رقصة أخيرة على قمر أزرق - رواية - يسرا البريطانية - رواية - خريف الكرز رواية - حرب البنفسج رواية - لص القمر سنمار الإخباري صدرت مؤخرًا - القرنفل التبريزي - ابو العلاء المعري - دار الفارابي - 2020 - ليلة الفلفل في لوغانو -رواية دار اسكرايب 2022

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